Entertainers from Korea. Silbot and Mero offer intencives to the elderly.
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Entertainers from Korea.  Silbot and Mero offer intencives to the elderly.

>Silbot robot and Kaarina Hakkarainen play Follow me-game in Kustaankartano Elder Care Center.

Helsinki is testing robots in elder care center to see if they can provide entertainment and incentives to the every-day life of the elderly.
Two robots from South-Korea are under testing, Silbot and Mero.
With Silbot you can, among other things, play movement games.
Robot’s feet hands and head move and show a series of a couple of movements.
In addition, it tells the instructions. The testing of the robots will last until February.

The borrowing of two robots for 2 years cost 19 000 Euros.


from Metro Helsinki
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Elder Care Robot
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