The documentary film of Dr-ing. Mun-Sang Kim
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Nobel Prize Expedition, YTN Science TV [May 13, 20, 2011]

Section 1. Nobel Prize Expedition Section 2. Nobel Prize Expedition

Dr-ing. Mun-Sang Kim, Director of the Center for Intelligent Robotics, KIST was selected as a nominee of the 5th Korean future Nobel Prize winner, and he showed his research activities and achievements for 30 years in the documentary film, the Nobel Prize Expedition of YTN Science TV.

The Program Nobel Prize Expedition is from the idea that it is time for someone qualified for Nobel Prize in Korea to show up and this time, they focused on the research activities of Dr-ing. Mun-Sang Kim as successor to Dr. Jang-Hee Jo, a world authority on neuroscience, Dr. Sung-Hun Kim, risitng star on R&D of a ne medicine, Dr. Ryong Ryu, the first Korean Breck Awardee, Dr. Su-Bong Kim, a world authority on a neutrino research.

The Nobel Prize Expedition visited his lab and filmed the robots made by the Center for Intelligent Robotics, KIST. In addition they reported where Korean intelligent robotics industries should be toward through the talks with him.

* VOD-Section 1: http://www.sciencetv.kr/_comm/pop_mov.php?s_mcd=0187&s_hcd=&key=201105111522475082
* VOD-Section 2: http://www.sciencetv.kr/_comm/pop_mov.php?s_mcd=0187&s_hcd=&key=201105201435397702

* If you want to watch the film translated in English, inquire to s80831@naver.com with your messages

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