Robots help elderly
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Anchor: In Århus has a group of robots invaded a senior center. They shall improve the elderly ability to focus and their memory. A whole new industry within the welfare system, where robots can replace people.

Speaker: Silbot looks like something from Star Wars, but if it works as intended, the woman here will improve her memory. Aarhus municipal has made a collaboration with a robot development company from Korea. They want to see if the robots can be used for memory stimulation in the Danish welfare sector.

Annelise Vestergaard, retired: There is no doubt that it is coming. We are more and more elderly and this is probably the future.

Speaker: After the initial tries it is looking prosperous.
Birgitte Halle, occupational therapist: To begin with they weren’t that focused on the exercises, but now they are using the brain programs every time they come here.

Speaker: Here is Silbot first taking a route on the checkered floor. Afterwards the participants needs to guide it trough the same pattern and that is actually not that easy.

Birgitte Halle: Here it is necessary to be completely focused and I can see in the everyday life that it is good to practice being focused on some specific things.

Journalist: So it has an effect in the everyday life?
Birgitte Halle: I am convinced that it does.

Speaker: Here it is a program where the participants both needs to remember numbers and follow a specific rhythm.

Journalist: Do you think it is usable?
Olaf Christensen, retired: Yes I believe it can. I have experienced that I get better at remembering numbers and such.

Speaker: In the municipal they are convinced that there will be more robots in the welfare sector.

Jacob Bundsgaard, mayor of Aarhus: We need to make some difficult priorities with our limited resources. And this is a relatively cheap way to conduct a targeted training and then we will use resources that are released due to this in areas where we can’t just use technology.

Speaker: Some of the participants even think that the robots can help them to gain a more worthy life if they were to become handicapped in the future.

Annelise Vestergaard: Just to go to the toilet would be horrible if I couldn’t do it by myself. I would really appreciate if there were some technologies that could help me in such a situation.

Anchor: the trial will run until February.

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