Robots for the elderly came to entertainers
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Robots for the elderly came to entertainers - YLE TV News

Real life or really crazy fantasy? That was the question in the demonstration of Korean robots. The purpose of the big eyes and funny hats of the new nurses of Kustaankarto Elder Care Center is to soften the anxiety caused by the cold technology.

“It is partly related to the Asian culture, but also to the fact that they would not look scary. These are really friendly looking –and there is always fears related to technology”
SILBOT: “Left hand to the side, right hand to the side”

The Korean technicians can hardly cope with the gymnastic robot exercise that improves memory and movement.

SILBOT: “Isn’t it a bit challenging? I know you can do it!”

The elderly people think that the games are both interesting and tiring. For the weakest ones they have been definitely too much.

“It takes an awful lot of concentration -and that indeed.”

The robot that the residents have named “egg man” costs only 10 000 dollars – a lot less than for example one year’s salary of a nurse.

According to the Director of the Department of Social Services it is not about savings nor will the human beings be replaced by the machines. The diminishing staff is simply needed to the direct nursing work.

“This is one considerable way to see how we can free our staff to do other tasks with the elderly if robots can for example entertain them and organize program.”

There are also suspicious voices.
“Is there a concern that little by little human being will get replaced with this kind electronic of toys?”

“I am afraid that it is the future. But if it helps us old people to keep our memory and to remember things let us accept also the robots.”

From YLE TV News

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