Robots shall help elderly and children in Aarhus
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Robots shall help elderly and children in Aarhus

Is it possible to prevent bad memory and dementia by training?
And is it possible that robots will take over some of the education in elementary school?
That is some of the questions that Aarhus municipal wishes to answer.

The municipal has therefore entered into a robot collaboration with Korea Institute of Science and Technology. Until the middle of February 2012 a group of elderly citizens at Rehabiliteringscentret Vikærgården in Risskov will participate in a test with robots. It is also part of the plan to test the robots in elementary schools in Aarhus – among other things as a help in education children with ADHD.

In November 2010 Aarhus municipal were on a study trip to Korea, and at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) they were presented to robots that could help in English education where pronunciation of foreign language, like in Denmark, is a challenge.

“In Aarhus municipal, we are very interested in seeing and hearing about how robots can supplement and improve the technologies that we are already using in special education “ says Børn og Unge-rådmand Kristian Würtz (S) (he is a politician from  the municipal)

“An interesting aspect is also whether the robots can engage in a Danish educational situation, where dialog and active participation is the main focus.”

Test at Vikærgården
Robots are also usable in elderly care and until the middle of February 2012 a group of elderly will participate in a test at Vikærgården.
There are two classrooms, where 36 participants will follow the education for the next 12 weeks. It is all in Danish so the language doesn’t present a barrier, but if technical problems arise, a Korean technician is present.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to involve citizens in Aarhus in working with robots and making them more comfortable with the new technology” says Ældre-rådmand Dorthe Laustsen.

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