Robots to help the city’s children and elderly
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Robot care: The future home helper might be called KIST and be a robot.

Robots to help the city’s children and elderly

Yesterday Aarhus municipal and Korea Institute for Science and Technology entered into a robot collaboration. Right now the city elderly are testing how robots can train memory and brain.
Rehabiliteringshuset Vikærgården in Risskov does not look like something from the future.
It is a variation of a building seen countless times before in Denmark.
Inside there is a different and more futuristic atmosphere. Here two neatly dressed South Korean robots are performing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
The show is part of an intention. Aarhus municipal wants to embrace the new technology and the opportunities it creates. Yesterday an official robot collaboration between Korea Institute for Science and Technology (KIST) and the municipal was entered.
The Korean guests and the Danish partners signed a so called letter of intent. A group of elderly citizens will until the middle of February participate in a test med the robots at Vikærgården.
They want to find out if it possible to prevent memory loss and dementia by training.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to involve citizens in Aarhus in working with robots and making them more comfortable with the new technology” says Ældre-rådmand Dorthe Laustsen.


One exercise for example is that the robot called Silbot runs a route on a black and white checkered surface and then a participant has to take the same route.
The system can detect errors and the robot can provide instructions and encouragement like “You are doing brilliantly”.  The 77 year old Ole Jørgensen is participating in the project.
This is his fourth visit toVikærgården to exercise with the robots.

“It is very interesting with the new technology. I guess we have to get used to the fact that the robots are coming, and if they can  make you smarter and improve your memory, then that is nice,” says Ole Jørgensen.

He points out that it is not everything he wants help from a robot to do.

“I would like to avoid a robot that should take personal care.”

Whether or not the robots have helped improve his concentration or memory, it is still too early to say, according to him. In Korea they are making a big scientific test to determine its effect.

At KIST they expect to have the results in January. Børn og Unge rådmand Kristian Würtz (S) was also present yesterday. He is interested in using the robots in elementary school. Here they want to test if the robots can be an aid in the education of students with ADHD and other special social challenges.

Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard (S) calls the technology “welfare technology” and predicts it a bright future.

“Welfare technology will in the future become a much more visible and integrated part of our work and everyday life” he says.

In addition the mayor hopes that involvement in the new technology can create more jobs in the city.

“Welfare technology presents an unique possibility to develop a new business area, and here Denmark and Aarhus has a very strong starting point. By doing this test we are already now building bridge between technology and the citizens and thereby create the necessary security” says Jacob Bundsgaard.

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