Center for Intelligent Robotics introduced a MC Robot ‘KIBO’
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KIBO hugs Minister. Jung-Kyeong Choi KIBO presents a flower to an researcher

Center for Intelligent Robotics introduced the humanoid robot ‘KIBO’, capable of various emotional expressions as well as show performances in Robot World 2011 held at KINTEX, Ilsan from last 27th to 30th of October and especially, KIBO showed up with NAO (France), ROBOTHESPIAN(UK) and CHALI(US) together in the opening ceremony and presented the Minister Jung-Kyeong Choi of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy with a bouquet along with an embracement.

Whereas HUBO (KAIST, Korea) and ASIMO (HONDA, Japan) emphasized mechanical aspects for two-leg walking such as simple walking, running and stair climbing, ‘KIBO’ is developed with more technologies for mutual interaction; exchanging various emotions, making itself perceived most friendly to the user so as to fit the real meaning of a humanoid(human-friendly type).

With basic sensors for recognizing user face, its location, moving objects, voice & sound and sound localization, KIBO can complete missions, such as bringing things to an user, presenting a flower, and embracing. And more advanced functions are predicted to be realized for smooth services in the household such as, real time recognition & imitation of user’s motions and expressions through a 3D sensor, the obstacle avoidance, walking on a slope and so on if KIBO’s various user interaction technologies are continuously upgraded,.

Show Master RoBot ‘KIBO’ Home Service Robot ‘CIROS’
English Teaching RoBot ‘ENGKEY’ Elder Care Robot ‘SILBOT’ & ‘MERO’
Throughout Robot World 2011, Center for Intelligent Robotics introduced its 4 representative robots; a new version of SILBOT (ENGKEY), MERO, and CIROS besides KIBO and presented a variety of promising competitive business models; such as, Elderly Care robot, English Teaching robot, Home Service robot, etc. in which part Korea is trying to lead the world market,hence the visitors had great time with the each robot demonstration. 
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27/10/11 - 30/10/11 KINTEX, Ilsan
21 Nov. 2011~Feb. 2012 Helsinki, Finland & Aarhus, Denmark
20 22/12/11 Ajou Univ
19 27/12/11 - 15/01/12 Seoul History Museum (1F)
18 26/08/11 Munich
17 10/08/11-15/08/11 Daegu EXCO
16 20/08/11 KIST
15 24/08/11 - 26/08/11 Pinerigde Resort (in Sokcho)
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9 08/12/11-04/03/12 KINTEX
8 27/12/10 Daegu Hakjeong Elemenatry School
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