Center for Intelligent Robotics runs Overseas Test-bed Robot Project for Elder Care Robot
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Robot cognition Traning Program
Kustaankartano Center for Elerly, Helsinki, Finland
Press Conference, Helsinki, Finland
Robot cognition Traning Program
Vika Garden for Elerly, Aarhus, Denmark
Press Conference, Aarhus, Denmark

Center for Intelligent Robotics is running the robot project with a total of 64 elder participants of 8 classes for 12 weeks from last late-Oct. and early-Nov. each in Helsinki, Finland and Aarhus, Denmark. And the robot project is one of the pilot robot projects by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

Center for Intelligent Robotics introduced the most exemplary collaboration case that applys an excellent Korean service robot system to European welfare system through press conference and the public robot demonstration in Helsinki Finland, Aarhus Denmark and as well as Gangnam-gu Center for Dementia Seoul, respectively, last 17th and 21st of Nov.

Not only domestic but public national press companies of Finland and Denmark competed in covering the elderly care robots, and reported the revolutionary robotic service program for senior worrying about Alzheimer’s disease positively.

For the test-bed robot project, the Elder Care Robot; 2 SILBOTs and 2 MEROs are used in Kustaankartano Elder Care Center and Vika Garden in Aarhus, Denmark and in cooperation with City of Helsinki and City of Aarhus, provides a total of 16 cognition training games to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease.
And 1.3 billion KRW from Korean Government and 700 million KRW from private fund is invested, also City of Helsinki and City of Aarhus supported the project for well-organized localization of the project operation by providing with the infrastructures, such as local personnel, participants registration and publicity.

Dr-Ing. Munsang Kim said that we’re discussing the plans of next test-bed robot project for special education, utilizing SILBOT and MERO with city officials and we’re planning to establish an joint venture company in Finland and Denmark after successful completing the project for elder care robot.

And he added that if the plan of local joint venture company is processed officially, it would produce the wide promotion effects of the excellent Korean service robot business models and the technologies; elder care robots, special education robots and so on toward whole European countries with bases in Finland and Denmark, and it also enables Korea to preoccupy the European market of the service robot industry.

Robot cognition Traning Program
Gangnam-gu Center for Demetia, Seoul, Korea
Press Conference, Seoul, Korea
According to Center for Intelligent Robotics, the overseas test-bed robot project will last until mid-February, and they cannot be known the result of project until late-January after getting research results from Samsung Medical Center which is running and evaluating the elder care robot project with Korean elder participants to measure the training improvement of each participant’s cognition ability at Gangnam-gu Center for Dementia.
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