Seoul History Museum hold the KIST Robot Exhibition
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KIST and Seoul History Museum will jointly hold Robotic Theme Exhibition for 3 weeks from last 27th of Dec. to 15th of Jan. at Seoul History Museum with a theme of ‘Human-resembling Robot, Humanoid’. The exhibition reviews history and development process of the Korean humanoid robots focusing on imaginations of people who want to create an object that resembles us with advanced technoogies of mechanical engineering, control and measurement engineering, brain informatics and etc.

You can meet a variety of robots from a simple motion robot, and an intelligent robot that recognizes external environments and make a determination for itself, through a network-based robot that receives information through wireless networks.

Center for Intelligent Robotics exhibited the Korea’s first humanoid robot ‘Centaur’, elder care robot ‘Silbot’, face robot ‘ Mero’, English teaching robot ‘Engkey’ and shows the history of robot development in Korea to elementary and junior high school students who visit the exhibition at the museum.

A total of 11 robots developed by KIST including network-based humanoid robot ‘Maru’. ‘Ara’, ‘Maru M’, ‘Mannequin robot’. ‘Babybot’, ‘Mimo’ and ‘Bunny’ besides the above robots are on
display in the KIST Robot Exhibition, held on the lobby of the Museum (1F).

* Seoul History Museum Website: http://www.museum.seoul.kr/kor_new/index.jsp

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